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Conveyor belts made of solid fabric and mesh (glass or aramid fibre coated with PTFE) standard and antistatic - widely used in industry, are suitable for all applications requiring thermal, chemical, high adhesion and slip resistance. Manufactured in very different sizes and thicknesses with different variants of mechanical or fixed connectors as well as belt stabilizing guides. All solutions and components are selected according to individual customer needs.


Teflon fabrics based on glass fibre or Kevlar are an extremely important product group in many industries. Thanks to their exceptional properties, they are an excellent material in an environment that requires thermal and chemical resistance, which allows them to be widely used in the production of the interchangeable range for machines. The fabrics are available without glue or with a single-sided adhesive layer.


Widely understood silicone products - plates, profiles, fittings, solid mixtures hoses, profiles and plates made of foamed mixtures. We use only proven, quality mixtures, which allows us to achieve high dimensional stability, we offer products of different hardness and thermal resistance, with food approval and in technical execution. Silicone fabrics - silicone coated glass fibre. Due to their high heat resistance, silicone fabrics are mainly used as curtain in shrink tunnels.


Silicone coatings covering the rollers are often necessary to ensure proper operation of the entire conveyor. High thermal resistance, wide range of hardness selection let to reach optimal properties. Specialist blends allow the use of coatings on a wide scale in various industries - both heavy industry and the printing and food industries. Silicone coatings are also an excellent coating for baking trays and baguette forms. Silicone treatment has an extremely positive effect on the efficiency and effectiveness of bakery work, improves workflow and reduces baking costs and the time needed to prepare baking trays to a minimum. Tefloning the surface of moulds and machine parts. PTFE coatings are designed for component surfaces in applications requiring high thermal and chemical resistance as well as reliable adhesive performance. The coating is also excellent as protection against weather conditions and dirt, e.g. in hard-to-reach machine parts where service work or machine downtime is not possible too often. The PZH certificate allows the use of PTFE coatings in the food industry.


About us

We produce solid Teflon belts, conveyor belts made of PTFE mesh, we offer a full range of Teflon and silicone fabrics, we regenerate machine parts (Tefloning, rubberizing).

We skillfully combine several decades of experience with following modern technology, creating for our customers the highest quality products.

We obtain components for production only from proven sources, offering consistent quality and availability of products.



Poly(tetrafluoroethylene) (PTFE ), a synthetic fluoropolymer with a structure of -[-CF2-CF2-]n-, more closely known as Teflon, was first synthesized at DuPont Jackson Laboratory in the US State of New Jersey.
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Silicone part 1
Silicone in its broadest sense is a variety of synthetic organosilicon polymers - a combination of silicon atoms with alkaline or arylate (usually phenyl) groups. Occurs as oils, silicone resins or elastomers
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Silicone part 2
Use of silicone products and coatings
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