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We offer silicone products in various forms:

  • solid silicone slabs from 0.3 to 12mm and sponge slabs from 1.5 to 12mm
  • solid and sponge silicone profiles of square, rectangular, trapezoidal, circular cross-section
  • sealing profiles
  • silicone hoses in a wide range of diameters and wall thicknesses
  • silicone profiles with unusual shapes

We guarantee an individual approach to each order, we undertake unusual tasks, we offer professional advice and short lead times.

Siliconized fabrics are formed by applying a layer of silicone polymer to the glass fibre fabric.

They are characterized by the following characteristics:

  • elasticity - silicone fabric is resistant to cracking
  • wide operating temperature range (from -60oC to +220oC)
  • high dielectric resistance
  • low susceptibility to chemically aggressive substances

The fabrics are mainly used as curtains in shrink tunnels, sleepers for "cold knives" and for the production of conveyor belts, it is also available in self-adhesive version.

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