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Silicone part 1

Silicone in industrial applications is mostly used in the form of elastomers.Elastomers are mainly polymeric plastics, but also natural, their main and most important feature is the ability to reversible deformation under the influence of mechanical forces, while the continuity of their structure is maintained. These compounds are characterized by the ability to change the original dimensions by subjecting them to tensile, shear or compressive stress and, at the end of the external forces, returning to the previous dimensions. The ability to change dimensions is the result of chemical structure.Elastomers are polymers with a low vitrification temperature.Above this temperature, polymer chains have the ability of segmental movement - thanks to them, polymer chains can be deformed under the influence of external forces (chains straighten up), which results in a temporary change in dimensions, and this causes a change in the dimensions of materials made of them. As soon as the stress stops working, segmental movements on the polymer chains start to work again, leading to the twisting of the elastomer chains, resulting in a return to their original state before the external forces.

Elastomers in the common language function as silicones. They are used in various industries in the form of profiles, fittings, cords, hoses or in the form of coatings, e.g. rolls, conical rolls, baking trays or other machine elements.

Silicone mixtures, from which we make profiles, hoses and cords have a wide temperature range of continuous operation from -50 to +180/250°C. Products from special mixtures can be used at temperatures up to +315°C. The hardness range from 25 to 80ShA allows to adjust the appropriate hardness of the finished product, also its range of elongation values (even up to 800%) and the colour of the mixture guarantee the product with optimal parameters for the given application. However, we must remember that not all expected parameters are always achieved in one product. For example, the approval for contact in the food industry does not always allow for a free choice of hardness and heat resistance. Products made of silicone mixtures do not have taste and smell, are characterized by high chemical and weathering resistance and aging of the material.

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