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The conveyor belts are made of fabrics and nets of glass or aramid fibre covered with PTFE.

They are characterized by the following characteristics:

  • wide range of thermal resistance (from -170 to +260oC)
  • low coefficient of friction
  • excellent anti-adhesion
  • exceptional resistance to almost all aggressive media, including concentrated acids and oxidants
  • low energy consumption due to low weight
  • high resistance to bursting
  • UV and infrared resistance

For the production of conveyor belts we use Teflon fabrics from the Premium, Standard, TR (resistant to longitudinal and transverse tears), antistatic series and glass or aramid fibre nets covered with PTFE.We make transport belts to the size required by the customer. We provide professional advice on the choice of material, connections, edge reinforcements, guides, carriers, etc. In the case of a conveyor construction that prevents the use of a belt with a detachable or closed-circuit connection, our service will connect it on the customers device.

Examples of connector types:

- Anker (metal connector, detachable)

- Alligator (metal connector, detachable)

- Bullnose (aramid fibre connector, detachable), also available in antistatic version

- Overlapping (non-detachable, can be grinded)

- With teeth (non-detachable)TEFLON FABRICS