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Teflon glass or amide fibre fabrics coated with PTFE

These fabrics are produced as a result of a glass or aramid PTFE coating, resulting in a material with very high strength, unchanged size and original fabric shape.

Teflon fabrics that we offer you have the following characteristics:

·      extreme heat resistance (continuous operation from -170 to ++260oC, temporary operation up to +300oC)

·      excellent anti-adhesion

·      extremely high chemical resistance

·      very good mechanical properties:

o   tensile strength

o   resistance to punctures

o   material fatigue resistance

o   dimensional stability

·      exceptionally low coefficient of friction

·      easiness to keep clean

·      high dielectric resistance

·      excellent resistance to ultraviolet (UV) and infrared radiation

Teflon fabrics of the Premium series are characterized by an increased PTFE content and modified weave of the fabric, thanks to which the product has even higher anti-adhesion properties, there are no micropores and the mechanical and dielectric resistance is highest.Premium class fabrics are mostly used as protection of heating mirrors (PVC window industry).Premium class fabrics are also available with adhesive and graphite (antistatic).

High mechanical resistance, excellent anti-adhesion and at the same time reasonable price make fabrics in Standard class the most popular choice for ordering and use in very different industries.Teflon fabrics in the Standard class are available in a wide range of thicknesses, with and without adhesive. Available in standard widths and in the form of tapes, cut-outs, strips, A and B zone strips, sleeves or formats.

Premium and Standard series fabrics can be additionally covered with a layer of graphite, which affects the dielectric properties of the fabrics and makes them work in UV environment. Used wherever there is an explosion hazard due to e.g.: flammable fumes and strong dust. Mostly used for the production of conveyor belts and as lining for presses and heating elements. They are available with and without adhesive. Available in standard widths and in the form of straps, tapes and belts.

Tefloned TR fabrics with a special weave that guarantees very high resistance to tearing (also transverse). Used mainly for the production of solid conveyor belts and as side reinforcements for both solid and mesh belts.

Fabrics with a porous structure, distinguished by a changed weave of the fabric, allowing air or liquid to flow. Often used in the production of sachets and foil packaging, giving the seals a distinctive structure. Available in several thicknesses, in the form of 1000mm wide fabrics and formats.

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